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Hi! I'm CraftyCroc. I love chalk markers and anything arty and crafty. I've been around since the dinosaurs but am hip and cool and up with the play!

I love finding and sharing great ideas for crafty projects and particularly keeping the kids inspired. Feel free to drop me a line and thanks for reading!
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If the kitchen is your favorite room in the house or you have a family member who loves to cook, we have compiled a few chalkboards  that we think you will love!

Go ahead and grab a box of your favorite Crafty Croc® chalk markers and get creating!

If you’re feeling a bit short on hand lettering skills, check out our post on “How to Become an Expert Chalkboard Artist Instantly” for some great tips and free stuff!

There’s also some great tips on how to make your own chalkboard in this post by one of our favorite chalkboard artists, Michelle Morgan.

1.  Cooking with Love


via Lily and Val

2. Life is a Kitchen


via I Heart Nap Time

Life sure is what you make it and if you like the look of this cool chalkboard, check out the free download for this adorable kitchen art printable available in two sizes.

3. Just Roll With It!


via Lily and Val

4. Today’s Menu


via Paty Shibuya

Ha ha… There must be many households where this chalkboard would make an apt kitchen wall decoration!

5. Life is What You Bake it


via Lily and Val

Wow, the detail in this is amazing!  Valerie is so talented and yes the print is for sale!

6. The Cookie of Life


via – source unknown

Thanks for checkout out these great chalkboard ideas.  Go ahead and share them with any friends who also love chalkboards and cooking and remember, we love to see what you have been up to so please show us or connect on our Crafty Croc Facebook page!