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Utah artist goes viral for his Pop Culture Chalk Art

Utah artist James Bennion, also known as Jimbo, went viral earlier this month for his pop culture chalk art featured at Harmons in Draper.

A Reddit user spotted his artwork at the Harmons at Bangerter Crossing in Draper and posted his work online with the title, “Best display ever.” This display in particular featured Andre the Giant from “The Princess Bride.”

You can view the display below.

Andre the Giant from Princess Bride I painted for the Bulk Food section!

Posted by Jimbos Art on Monday, August 1, 2016

Bennion is a full-time professional artist who likes to write and illustrate children’s books in his spare time, according to his website.

“That store is lucky to have such a fine artist,” Redditor odawg21 wrote. “That is a wonderful chalk rendition!”

But this isn’t the first work of art Bennion has done for the grocery store. He has painted many other images that have also been on display throughout the aisles.

Take a look at some of his other work here:

“Wow looking through your post history, you never seem to get any recognition for these awesome pieces of art,” Reddit user scb1015 said. “You have loads of talent man. Get him to the top!”

On – 18 Apr, 2017 By Brittany Binowski