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Crafty Croc

Hi! I'm CraftyCroc. I love chalk markers and anything arty and crafty. I've been around since the dinosaurs but am hip and cool and up with the play!

I love finding and sharing great ideas for crafty projects and particularly keeping the kids inspired. Feel free to drop me a line and thanks for reading!
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If you answer “No” to any of these questions you can stop reading…

1) Do you enjoy the holidays and that festive feeling? 🎄

2) Do like you like chalk markers and crafty projects? 🎨

3) Do you you like to help others, especially kids? ❤️

Well if you’re still reading, then you’re in luck.  We are releasing a Limited Edition Pack of Chalk Markers (includes Red, Green, Silver, and Gold)!  Perfect for your holiday decorating crafts!

And as part of the Crafty Cares Program, we’re using most of the proceeds to sponsor a special needs child through the Molly Johnson Foundation.  They will select the child/family and our goal is to cover the full cost of whatever it is they need.  Great, right?

BUT, here’s the problem!  Since these are Christmas-themed we can’t over-order or we’ll be having a Christmas in July sale (no fun!) 🤯

So, here’s our offer to you:

✅ If you think these are the cutest things ever (yes?), and

✅ if you’d like to make sure you get a set (or 3), and

✅ if you’d like to support the selected special needs child from the Molly Johnson Foundation, then…

Buy a 20% off coupon for just $1 (buy as many as you want). (Click here to buy  The $1 Coupon is SOLD OUT)

Buy purchasing the coupon you’ll be saving money and we’ll know how many to make to ensure we have enough for you.

When they come in, we’ll email you your 20% OFF Coupon Code and you can place your order and receive the discount (before they go on sale to the public).

⏰ This Offer is SOLD OUT, so Buy Your Coupon for $1 here before it’s gone!  Thanks for your support and stay tuned for new offers.