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Hi! I'm CraftyCroc. I love chalk markers and anything arty and crafty. I've been around since the dinosaurs but am hip and cool and up with the play!

I love finding and sharing great ideas for crafty projects and particularly keeping the kids inspired. Feel free to drop me a line and thanks for reading!
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Can you believe it?! The kiddos are almost back in school already. Some may have already started. The first day of school is a big day on any parent’s calendar. Whether you love it or hate it, this is a memorable moment each year, and photos are an absolute must.

No matter how old your kids are, one of the must have photos is holding a sign with the grade and the year on it. Chalkboards are the best media for this as they can be used time and time again. The continuity through the years looks great for the good ol’ photo montage too.

Kick it up a notch with the bright vibrant colors you can achieve with Crafty Croc markers and save! To celebrate going back to school we are offering a 20% discount on all Crafty Croc chalk markers. Use the coupon below  on Amazon at checkout:


Below are some of the boards you can pick up on Amazon which can be used with our Chalk Markers to make your own master piece.

All Crafty Croc Markers 20% using code >>>> 20B2SCHOOL

Princess Chalkboard Style

via Honey Dew

How beautiful is this princess themed board by Honey Dew! It looks like a chalkboard but is actually made of metal making it the perfect reusable board for use with Crafty Croc Markers. Turn that pretty board into something like this:

To get this look we recommend the following chalk markers: Earthy Blue (pastel blue), White, Neon Pink and Earthy Purple. To get the three colors mentioned buy the 18 Pack of markers.

Buy Both on Amazon & Use Coupon >>> 20B2SCHOOL

18 Different Colors

18 Pack Back to School Promotion

via Crafty Croc 18 Pack

To unleash your inner creativity we recommend getting our 18 pack of markers. This gives you the entire range of colors including our neons, earthy tones and of course the all important white. Cover all your bases with all our best colors all in the one neat little package. The neon tones give a bright and cheerful look. While the earthy tones include pastel tones for those softer princess like colors.

One for the Boys

Boy's first day of school signs

via Honey Dew on Amazon

With bright blue and green highlights this is by far our favorite for the boys. And when given the choice this is what my son choose, so it is a winner in my book.

I like this look with the bold highlights and pastel colors. To achieve this we recommend the White for the name, Earthy Blue (pastel blue) for all the blue writing and Earthy Green (pastel green) for the word Kindergarten, age 5 and the date. You can get these three colors in both the 10 Earthy color pack of Crafty Croc Markers or the 18 Pack which includes both earthy and neon colors.

Of course you don’t need to follow this color selection, if you prefer you can go brighter and get the neon colors instead

Buy Both on Amazon & Use Coupon >>> 20B2SCHOOL


via Fancy Land on Amazon

Want something a little more colorful? The young ones just love these bright primary colors! This pairs so nicely with our bright neon markers. If you can skip black and black and just want the colors and white marker for this project save a few dollars and grab the 8 pack 🙂

Classic Bright Colors

Wet Erase Markers - Liquid Chalk

via Crafty Croc 8 Pack on Amazon

These are all the colors you will need for your colorful bright chalkboard. Purple, blue pink, red, orange yellow, green and white. Usually $12.77 get them for just $10.21 when you use 20B2SCHOOL at checkout.

All Crafty Croc Markers 20% using code >>>> 20B2SCHOOL

For the Older Kids

via Amazon – First & Last Day of School

We decided to recommend this board as it is a hit with the older kids. It is simple and elegant so it is a bit more grown up than the cute boards above. As an added bonus this is a two pack of boards, one “first day of school” and one last day of school.

Add Some Glamour with Metallic Colors

Metallic Chalk Markers Crafty Croc

via Amazon

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitz and glamour, right? Metallics always look great against the black of the chalkboard. Add a bit of

All Crafty Croc Markers 20% using code >>>> 20B2SCHOOL

Go Classic White

All White Chalk Markers Crafty Croc

via White Markers on Amazon

Sometimes less is more. If you would prefer your writing just to be white and don’t want all the colors we have you covered too.