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"A person's a person, no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss

Hi, I'm Cindy.
I am a First Grade teacher for one year now and a Kindergarten Teacher for 20 years, a Red Sox, Patriots and Gator fan.

Every day is a new and exciting learning experience for both myself and my students. Kindergarten should be a fun yet educational experience where the students are immersed in poetry, children's literature, music, kinesthetic and hands on activities as well as hugs and love!

Bragging rights
Teacher of the year, 2012-2013 school year, 2000 Disney Teacheriffic Award winner, Class Dojo Ambassador, Remind Connected Educator, Certified Symbaloo educator,
Cindy Price
Can I just say I absolutely love Crafty Croc chalkboard markers! They are bright and colorful and absolutely perfect for the classroom!!

You can use them to make amazing signs for your classroom just like I posted about earlier but you can also use them so many other ways!!!

I wanted a way to display the times we go to lunch and specials so I created these amazing clocks for my classroom!


Crafty Croc Chalk Markers

Don’t you love how bright they are?!!!!!!!

Now I teach first grade and we all know how important their birthday is so I wanted to make a special pot for their birthday pencils! I love how these markers just made it pop!!!!




Not only are they great on large decorative items but they are awesome to use to label things in your classroom! I used them to label my baskets of items in my classroom!



These are just a few ways to use these markers in the classroom! I love how they make the sign outside my classroom so bright and inviting! I change this sign for the different days we celebrate! Here are just a few!!!




These are just a few ways to use these amazing markers in your classroom! Stay tuned because there are so many more and I will be sharing them with you all!!

– Cindy

Thanks Cindy for sharing and we hope all these nifty ideas provide lots of ideas and inspiration for other teachers!  We look forward to more of your posts.
Check out Cindy’s blog here folks!

– Crafty Croc